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THE history of RES-Q goes back some time – to the days before you could buy instant roast potatoes in a supermarket or store 10,000 songs on something the size of a credit card (not that anybody had ever seen a credit card when we started out!)  We formed RES-Q when we were still at school, aged about 15, armed with a couple of guitars, a songbook containing Beatle songs, which I think we still have somewhere, and a drum kit we ’borrowed’ from the school music room.

OUR main focus then, as it probably is now, was less on performing and more on writing.  The first song we wrote, which contained quite a nice riff but only about two and a half chords, was called ‘Caroline’ – the second one (which Mike and I wrote while Graham was out doing his paper round – something he’s never forgiven us for by the way) was called ‘Seventh Avenue Blues’.  That song started to show some real progression, especially as we didn’t know where Seventh Avenue was and certainly had no idea what the ‘blues’ were!  We continued to write songs and very, very occasionally perform until we were about 17 or so when we sort of broke up for a while.  This was only because both Mike and Graham went away to college and I guess at that age you tend to start focusing on careers etc. and we never really saw this as any kind of career for ourselves.

OVER the next few years however we did continue to meet, write and record our songs – when I say ‘record’ these were almost entirely home recordings on to cassette tape, very state of the art at the time!  I think Graham still has some of these ancient songs that he’s keeping for posterity of in case we ever do make it big (still hoping) and some major record company wants to bring out an album called something like ‘The History of RES-Q’.

THE big change/move forward for us came in the 1990's when we started to record songs in an actual recording studio in Birmingham.  This was a major leap forward for us as it allowed us to record using multi-track facilities, overdub vocals and use different instruments to help refine our music and help the songs achieve their potential.  We made a number of recordings here and some of the songs provided the basis for our first album.  This coincided with our move back to home recording when Mike moved into a house big enough to accommodate us and we were able to enter the digital age by recording direct on to computer and producing the material ourselves, with Graham carrying out the lion’s share of the actual production.

OUR first album ‘The Year we Met’ was recorded in 2006.  Our sixth mini album (7 tracks) finally completed in June 2022 after the 2 year pause caused by COVID 19, includes "Maggie and Me" which we wrote in 1974 but didn't record until now!  We have also recorded a couple of Christmas songs - ‘Santa Forever’ (under the pseudonym of ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’) and ‘Welcome to Christmas Day’ which we wrote for a local Primary school in Kempsey Worcester and is performed by all the children in the school, and finally just for more fun "24 Hours Till Christmas".

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